Who We Are 

Park Royal Bible Church seeks to delight in the God of the Bible by worshipping Him, by preaching his gospel, by discipling His people, and by evangelizing the lost.


Park Royal Bible Church began as a congregation in 1964 on the corner of Truscott and Seagull in South West Mississauga. For nearly 60 years, the church has served the Park Royal and Clarkson community in Mississauga. In that time, there have been thousands of church services. 

Over the last several years, a consistent group of Christians has been active in seeking to strengthen the church. In January 2024, John Tambakis was voted in as pastor of Park Royal Bible Church. By God’s grace, He is strengthening and re-building Park Royal Bible Church to continue to serve the Greater Toronto Area. 

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning services are where we worship God together. Our worship services begin at 10:00 am. We sing, pray to the Lord, and listen as Scripture is read and exposited verse-by-verse. We then seek to get to know one another as we fellowship together. On a regular basis, we also participate in the Lord’s Supper.